Become A Senior Mentor

We know that many men would like to mentor with BACK2LIFE but they cannot carve out several hours every other weekend as may be required by our project - their family, career or business commitments simply do not permit. However, they would still like to offer mentorship to a younger male who needs the guidance, support and leadership of a mature male whose life experiences have been rich enough to provide them with wisdom to share. If that man is you, then you'll be excited to hear about our senior mentor cadre.

As a senior mentor, you will offer valuable support to our existing cadre of young men who are themselves mentors to & at risk & male adolescents. As a senior mentor you will find yourself mentoring on career development, family issues, financial challenges, emotional matters and a host of challenges young men face as they navigate the challenges of life. You will know, because you have been there yourself.


Do you have what it takes to mentor a young professional? Are you willing to pay it forward? Find out more about becoming a senior mentor with BACK2LIFE. Contact us here

African American father (40s) and son (19 years, mixed race African American and Caucasian) walking and talking in park.

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Portrait of successful african businessman standing in factory and smiling at camera

Get Involved

Community engagement is an undeniably critical part of ensuring that Back2Life Foundation continues to succeed. Whether you’re a public official, teacher, doctor, lawyer or business man, we need your help and involvement.