Your Gift Unlocks A Young Man's Potential

Your gift provides an opportunity to one more boy that potentially prevents him from becoming another statistic.

As you read this many of our unattached ‘at risk’ boys are feeling alone, frightened and hopeless. Some are depressed or suicidal. Your gift goes to the development and implementation of our conscious mentoring programmes: through hope and support, a vision for a future
becomes possible. Help us to bring light, hope and transformation to our boys and by extension Jamaica.


Individual Gifts

The BACK2LIFE Foundation does not employ persons: all services are given voluntarily. Thus gifts of cash or kind from persons who care deeply about our youth provide valuable assistance in keeping our programmes going.

Rotoractors are shown here with gifts of school supplies
they will give to the boys in the programme.

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Back 2 Life(Rio Corba) 20,9,13 006

Corporate Sponsorship

Cash donations assist us to develop and maintain the calibre of our programmes. In addition, needed resources such as equipment, motivational prizes for mentees and mentors, musical instruments and art supplies etc are also gratefully received. Indeed, we are indebted to KFC and Galaxy Rentals and Tours for their regular and unwavering support for the Rio Cobre Project.

The Project was the recipient of several computers donated
to the Governor General’s I Believe Initiative by the Chinese Embassy.

Become A Corporate Sponsor

Sponsor A Mentor

Sometimes we meet a young man who is most willing and would be an excellent mentor but for an inability to pay for the course. Sponsor someone in your organisation or a family member and observe with satisfaction, their growth and development.


Sponsor a mentor