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Back2Life Mentoring Program

Lorna Phillips, Attorney-at- law, Facilitator for over 30
years, Accredited Master Coach and Certified NLP
Practitioner, delivers this practical mentor training course designed specifically for BACK2LIFE. This first-in- Jamaica internationally accredited course is a must-do for anyone who wants to mentor with BACK2LIFE or who wishes to mentor boys at risk. You will look at concepts, theory and research and experience for yourself how to develop a successful relationship with an adolescent and hold a powerful mentoring conversation that will help him to change his life. This programme is delivered over approximately 25 hours of face-to- face time. In addition, you are required to complete approximately 15 hours of self-study and 12 hours of mentor practise, after which you will be awarded a certificate of completion. Course sizes are limited to ensure maximum absorption of learning and transfer of skills.

Coure Information

The 40 hour BACK2LIFE Mentor Training Course is accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring.

The benefits of doing an accredited training course are:

  • You are sure that the course meets certain quality standards set by an independent authority
  • The trainer is also accredited which means that he or she has met the standards of knowledge, skill and experience required to teach you
  • if you wish to make mentoring a professional career then going through an accredited programme of training gets you off to a great start
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Course Objectives & Benefits

Learning Objectives

  • Surface expectations and fears
  • Understand how boys become ‘at risk’
  • Understanding emotions
  • Human development and role of the mind
  • Understand the role of the mentor
  • Building relationship with ‘at risk’ adolescent
  • Understanding communication
  • Mastering the mentoring conversation
  • Ethics and integrity of mentoring


  • Counts towards your mentor accreditation designation
  • As a BACK2LIFE mentor you have a built-in opportunity to gain mentoring hours for mentor accreditation

This course provides you with an opportunity to learn the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to mentor ‘at risk’ adolescents.

Each delegate is given the opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment.

Basic assumptions about attendees:

  • You are committed to your own learning
  • You have an interest in developing others
  • You have knowledge in the subject matter you are mentoring (e.g., for a BACK2LIFE mentor, you are male and have passed through puberty)
  • You can share stories to support learning
  • You can develop and maintain a relationship

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